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A page linking to exercises that I use to teach exploratory testing. I lend these exercises to colleagues from time to time. I teach public workshops a few times a year, and corporate workshops more regularly. Contact me if you'd like to know more. @workroomprds

You'll generally get the most from these exercises if you explore them together. If you need a distraction, play with the puzzles at the bottom of the page.

There's more to add, later.

Bulk Testing

A Thousand Tiny Tests Part 1
Million Years
Colour Checker check | probe
Bostock: Will it Shuffle

Robot Simulator

Robot sim for STAREast 2013 TestLab, Robot sim v2.

Exploration environment for robot sim

Confirmation environment for robot sim


Puzzle 13

Puzzle 22

Puzzle 11

Puzzle 15

Puzzle 17

Puzzle 24

Puzzle 26

Four Exercises for Teaching Exploratory Testing


Machine A

Machine B

Machine C

Machine D

Teaching notes


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